Date: 13/10 Time: 11:30am : 1:00pm Event location:

This participatory lab will be an opportunity to present the USER-CHI project from the perspective of some of cities involved in the project and get the participants to interact with our experts on mobility. 

Following a brief plenary session introducing the topic of electric vehicle charging and the role of cities, participants will be able to choose breakout rooms with two speakers each to go into more detail and ask specific questions about the importance of making charging infrastructure user centric and how to integrate user centric electric vehicle charging into urban planning successfully. 

  • Sílvia Valero Via, Barcelona
  • Kinga Lőcsei-Tóth, Budapest
  • María Cruz, Murcia
  • Stella Aaltonen, Turku

The session and breakout rooms will be moderated by Richard Lambert (Cities Forum) and Thomas Lymes (Eurocities).

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