Linked projects and initiatives

USER-CHI join forces with other Horizon 2020 funded projects and sustainable mobility and electomobility initiatives to unlock the EU e-mobility potential.

Since 2002, the CIVITAS Initiative has been working to make sustainable and smart mobility a reality for all in towns and cities across Europe. A network of cities, for cities, it is equipping local authorities to put mobility at the centre of their move towards climate neutrality through peer exchange, networking, training, and a wide range of projects. Read more –

INCIT-EV is one of USER-CHI sister projects that aims to demonstrate an innovative set of charging infrastructures, technologies and its associated business models, to improve the EV users experience. The project will last 4 years with the evolution of differentiated phases.

5 demo environments at urban, peri-urban and extra-urban conditions will be ready for the deployment of 7 use cases. The 7 Use Cases address slow and superfast bidirectional charging while providing ancillary services to the power grid and innovative dynamic and static wireless charging for urban and highway roads. INCIT-EV is coordinated by Renault Group.


eCharge4Drivers is an EU supported Horizon 2020 project developing and demonstrating user-friendly electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and innovative charging solutions. The project, which is deployed by a consortium of 32 partners, places user needs and demands at the core.

As electric charging becomes an increasingly central part of urban and interurban mobility, accessibility, affordability and convenience will be crucial for ensuring successful deployment of new infrastructure. By drawing together public and private stakeholders, testing new technologies in its 10 demonstration sites, this project is developing interoperable electric charging solutions which can be replicated across Europe- and beyond. eCharge4Drivers also conducts research and engagement activities, aiming to further understand EV user requirements in order to improve charging processes and encourage further EV uptake. The project has created External Interest Groups where electromobility stakeholders exchange knowledge and experience.

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