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Europe’s leading projects in electric vehicles highlighted the need for strong interoperability and the help of local municipalities to put users at the heart of future projects at the Sustainable Places conference this week.

Representatives from EU-funded projects – namely Green Charge, eCharge4Drivers and MERLON – joined USER-CHI’s María del Carmen Tomás at the online eMobility session chaired by the MEISTER project on Thursday 29 October.

The four promising projects presented their ambitions to make charging of electric vehicles as straightforward as possible. USER-CHI shared some recently-collected figures on user satisfaction in three main markets for electric vehicles, showing already high satisfaction from drivers of electric vehicles, but with clear room for improvement in areas such infrastructure, incentives, and even electric vehicles themselves.

The other projects laid out their vision for electric vehicle charging in Europe and shared some of their experiences so far. Representatives from each of the initiatives also shared the foreseen impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their pilot projects.

Following a presentation of each project, a roundtable discussion took place, where representatives highlighted the need for an extensive need for interoperability and for an eMobility dimension to be included in cities’ Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

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