EV charging ‘work in progress’, but optimism among experts

Electromobility experts see a bright future for electric vehicle charging, even if issues around use of space and interoperability still need to be resolved.

This is the clear message coming from a session co-hosted by USER-CHI at the Eurocities Mobility Forum.

Discussion at the session on June 8 show that local authorities working on e-Mobility are optimistic about their city’s future with regards to charging infrastructure for cars, e-bikes, heavy-duty vehicles or public transport.

This is despite concerns over standardisation, interoperability of charging points and parking.

The session was part of the annual gathering of mobility experts from Eurocities members from across Europe, which was this year hosted online by the city of Madrid. The theme of the Forum was “Destination Climate Neutral Cities”.

The USER-CHI co-hosted session saw interventions from experts from Budapest, Berlin, Barcelona and Murcia and industry representatives from VMZ, IPT and ETRA I+D.

Side-sessions provided participants with information about three USER-CHI solutions: the project’s charging point location planning tool CLICK, the Interoperability, charging and parking platform INCAR and the wireless charging solution, INDUCAR.

More information about these products can be found here.

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