EXTENDED – Join the USER-CHI peer learning programme now!

This opportunity has been extended – don’t delay, apply now!

USER-CHI is an industry-powered, city-driven and user-centric project that co-creates and demonstrates eMobility solutions in 5 connecting nodes of the Mediterranean and Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T network: Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (ES), Berlin (DE), Budapest (HU), Rome (IT) and Turku (FI). These are also known as the USER-CHI demonstrator cities.

Through our USER-CHI peer learning programme, we are recruiting fellow cities willing to learn, exchange and further develop their eMobility plans based on the experience of the USER-CHI demonstrator cities.

We are now recruiting three fellow cities for each of the following USER-CHI demonstrator sites:

Why become a fellow city?

Do you want to learn about cities’ approaches for deploying new electric vehicle charging points?

Do you wish to exchange with city peers on ways to motivate private users to shift to more sustainable and electric ways of transport?

Would you like hands-on experience on how cities are testing innovative charging solutions?

You will have the chance to discuss this and much more by joining the USER-CHI peer learning programme and becoming a fellow city!


What do we offer?

If selected to become a fellow city, you will have:

  • Access to the eMoBest platform, a secure online space where you can learn and exchange with your city peers on electromobility
  • Access to the USER-CHI electromobility library, news, resources, and events
  • Tailored participation in the preparatory ElectriCity webinar, which will dive into the state of electromobility in the fellow demonstrator site
  • Direct contact with the USER-CHI cities and experts from the fellow demonstration site
  • USER-CHI assistance for the development of electromobility plans and strategies
  • Participation in one peer learning visit in the fellow demonstrator site in 2022, with travel costs reimbursed for one person up to 750 euros
  • Opportunity to speak at online and offline electromobility conferences and meetings


What are the commitments of a fellow city?

  • Fill in the application form and define a detailed request for learning
  • Participate in the ElectriCity webinar organised by the fellow demonstration site
  • Take part in the peer learning visit in the fellow demonstration site in 2022
  • Fill in a short peer learning report at the end of the peer learning visit
  • Gather and send all documents required for the reimbursement of costs (no financial obligations as participants)


How to apply?

The USER-CHI peer learning programme is open to any urban authority of a local administrative unit active in electromobility and established in an EU Member State or in a Horizon 2020 associated country.

To be eligible, the application must:

  • Be submitted by 1 October 2021 at 17:00 CEST,
  • Be prepared by only one city (no “joint” applications),
  • Be duly completed in all parts;
  • Be submitted in English;
  • It is possible to express interest in multiple USER-CHI demonstrator sites.

Please send your signed application to matilde.chinellato@eurocities.eu and specify in the subject line: USER-CHI peer learning programme

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