INCAR app comes to the next level of testing in Berlin! 

A lot is happening in the world of USER-CHI. Every day, our partners and demonstrator cities are working to bring more user-centric charging infrastructure to their citizens. Today we’ll take a trip to Berlin, where our partners VMZ, Gewobag, IKEM and Qwello have already finished the installation of two USER-CHI charging locations to deploy the INCAR app! Let us look at what they achieved.

The Berlin demo comprises two sites: “Prinzenstraße” in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg and Paul-Junius-Straße in the east of Berlin. Both locations have great potential to become new hubs of electric charging.

The Kreuzberg location includes two publicly accessible charging points equipped with AC chargers. Private e-drivers and mobility providers frequently use this charging location. High demand for charging infrastructure is expected here.

The second location in the east of Berlin is near a shopping centre. This makes it perfect for a charging hub with four AC chargers integrated into a private parking area.

The VMZ team made a trip to the second location on Paul-Junius-Straße to test the functionalities of the INCAR app. During this internal testing event, they successfully tested all app features. Reservation of the charging spot, starting the charging process and payment are all done via the INCAR app. As a bonus, the opening of the parking barrier in this location is also managed through the INCAR app interface!

Everything is almost ready now for the INCAR app to launch fully into the world. Currently, the app is available to project partners and friendly users, who are testing it on the Berlin demo sites as we speak. This initial user group is composed mainly of the tenants of Gewobag (Berlin housing company) who own an electric vehicle, and other EV drivers in Berlin. Feedback from the test users will be used to fix any possible bugs and further improve the user experience.

After this initial testing phase is complete, the INCAR app will be available for download with full functionality for end-users in the Apple and Google Play Store. We are only one step away from providing a user-centric electric charging solution for the residents and visitors of Berlin. How exciting!

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