European car buyers want EVs

Yesterday a study was released that shows electric vehicles will become the most demanded powertrain across Europe by 2025.

The study, released by the Platform for Electromobility and conducted by Element Energy, is the largest car buyer quantitative survey investigating EV uptake undertaken in Europe, canvassing 14,000 participants across 7 countries.

The survey covers 80% of European new car registrations and shows strong 2020 growth in the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) sector for the three largest countries, covering 53% of registrations.

The results demonstrate that there has been a profound change in the preferences of consumers, with more than two-thirds now indicating that they own, or have thought about buying, an electric vehicle.

It forecasts demand for BEVs to increase substantially over the next decade, driven by falling battery prices, which both reduces upfront cost and improves range.

While the level of uptake will differ from country to country, overall consumer demand for BEVs, which was approximately 5% of total demand in 2020, is forecast to become greater than that of any other powertrain by 2025. From 2027 no powertrain other than BEVs is expected to hold more than 20% of the market.

The study reveals that consumers will reject cars running on e-fuels in favour of electric vehicles. Furthermore, it also shows that although today perceived access to charging is not a barrier to electric vehicles demand, if the deployment of public charge points does not keep pace, the switch to electromobility could be undermined.

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