The USER-CHI journey has started!

Cities, housing companies, research and standardisation associations, industry partners and city networks will work together for the next four years to unlock the EU electromobility potential. This will happen in USER-CHI, one of the latest electromobility projects to join the CIVITAS family on 1st of February 2020.

Led by ETRA i+D, this ambitious project will test innovative charging technologies, user-friendly solutions, technological tools, novel business models and regulatory measures in 5 cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, and Turku, while two replication cities -Murcia and Florence- will replicate some of the USER-CHI results.

Furthermore, an e-mobility collaboration platform will make it possible to transfer USER-CHI best practices and solutions to many more cities in Europe.

Stay tuned and follow us into this #USERCHI journey!

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