USER-CHI charging points and INCAR app now in Berlin!

USER-CHI is launching its demonstration phase now in Berlin, where our partners launched the INCAR app and opened two charging stations in June 2023. 

The Berlin demo comprises two sites: “Prinzenstraße” in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg and Paul-Junius-Straße in the east of Berlin. Both locations have great potential to become new hubs of electric charging.

The Kreuzberg location includes two publicly accessible charging points equipped with AC chargers. Private e-drivers and mobility providers frequently use this charging location. High demand for charging infrastructure is expected here.

The second location in the east of Berlin is near a shopping centre. This makes it perfect for a charging hub with four AC chargers integrated into a private parking area.

How exactly does this work? Drivers looking for a parking space with an e-charging infrastructure opens the INCAR app developed by the Berlin project partner VMZ . The app shows the locations, the status of the parking spot, make it possible to book the spot in advance and even opens the parking barrier. 

Once onsite, users can start and stop the charging process via the app and also make contactless payments. 

Any EV drivers can park and charge at both locations, making off-street EV charging accessible to everyone. 

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