USER-CHI contribution to standardisation: two CWA published

In 2023, USER-CHI has promoted the creation of a CEN and CENELEC Workshop on “Innovative solution for user centric charging infrastructure for electric vehicles”. Two CEN Workshop Agreement have just been published as a result of the workshop. 

Participants of the workshop managed by UNE worked during several months in the development of these two new standards (CWA) published by the European Standards Organizations CEN and CENELEC.

The first CWA (CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement) deals with “Guidelines for operators to implement advanced smart charging and management strategies“ and was led by partner ETRA I+D.

The second one is about “Charging stations of the future – Stations models considering users’ expectations“ and was led by partner IBV.

Standardization is highlighted as a tool for technology transfer in the European Policy on Knowledge Valorisation. Therefore, the development and publication of these two new standards, originally based in USER-CHI outcomes, will provide visibility to the project, generate confidence about these results in the relevant market stakeholders and make this information available to the related industry, users and public authorities.

Other CWAs resulting from an EU-funded project are available on CWA download area

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