User Chi presented the Stations of the Future in the Civitas Conference 

User-Chi participated in the Civitas Conference in Aachen. It became a great opportunity to discuss our role in climate-neutral cities and chat about charging points and the electric mobility of the future. 

Our stand allowed us to get in touch with those who were interested in the project and gave us an exciting opportunity explain our developments and ideas towards an electric infrastructure and peer to peer learning among European cities. 

Juan Giménez Pla, from the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia, was speaking at a panel speaking about e-charging solutions and introduced the Stations of the Future for user-centric electromobility. “Users don’t ask for futuristic features in charging points. They want basic, yet essential things such as interoperability,” he said. 

User Chi is thinking of a new generation of charging stations. In the Civitas Conference, we presented an introduction to the four stations envisaged to fulfil the needs and expectations of Electric Vehicle users!  

  • Intermodal Station  
  • Urban Station  
  • Highway Station  
  • LEV Station 

More to come!

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