CLICK – Charging Location and Holistic Planning Kit

What is it?

CLICK is an easy-to-use question-and-answer online tool for the top-down location planning of charging infrastructure, whose purpose is to optimise location planning for new charging infrastructure in cities and TEN-T corridors, matching the users’ needs, preferences and habits, with the existing charging technologies and typologies available in the market.

The CLICK platform allows:

  • Cities to plan the location for new charging infrastructure based on:
    – existing information about the city (country, city name, size and location, inhabitants as well as number of cars and the share of electric vehicles)
    – overall goal for the planning, setting the boundaries for the amount of charging infrastructure deployed in the city, from basic coverage to lighthouse coverage (high amount of charging stations).
    – strategy of the city in terms of areas (publicly accessible or private spaces) and technologies (AC, DC and HPC) to be covered within the planning.
  • Based on the information collected, the goal, strategy and the type of spaces and owners covered, the CLICK platform then provides a recommendation for the charging infrastructure extension. The platform estimates the optimum charging infrastructure to be deployed in the city: number of charging points, proposed locations, preferred technologies and connectors, power of the points, etc.
  • Furthermore, CLICK will offer interfaces to be fed with actual utilization data of charging infrastructure within the cities and planning areas. This will enable a post-planning process of monitoring utilization and enable the demand-oriented expansion of the charging infrastructure network taking actual usage into account.

The added value of the platform is its capacity to look up basic as well as geographical information on public dictionaries (e. g. in order to automatically fill out as many aspects with available information as possible.


CLICK will be demonstrated in Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Rome and Turku.

For whom?

CLICK is designed for cities and city planners.


What’s new with CLICK?

The CLICK platform is entering into the beta testing phase starting in July 2022 within the Berlin pilot site. This means that there will be a first friendly user testing with feedback-loops until January 2023.


Christian Seidel – VMZ

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