What’s up and what’s next?

As September ushers in the back-to-work season, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our journey so far and look ahead to exciting developments on the horizon. Here’s a glimpse of what’s happening in USER-CHI.

USER-CHI solutions become reality in 2023

This year marks a significant milestone for the USER-CHI project as we transition into the demonstration and implementation phase. Our months of dedicated research and development are now turning into tangible solutions, making their way into our project cities. We eagerly anticipate user feedback, as this will be instrumental in further refining our offerings.

One key achievement is the launch of the INCAR app on May 31st, now accessible to users in Berlin and Barcelona. In Berlin, INCAR addresses the growing challenge of accessing charging points on private and semi-public land, a problem exacerbated by the reimagining of street spaces for greenery, active transportation, and leisure. To combat this issue, many cities are exploring charging infrastructure on private and semi-private land, ensuring a future-ready charging network without compromising precious street space. EV drivers in Berlin can now use INCAR to access charging spaces usually reserved for Gewobag tenants.

The testing phase of INCAR in Berlin is already underway, allowing users to experience its benefits firsthand and provide valuable feedback. Our goal is to optimize the utilization of charging points in Gewobag residential areas, thus maximizing the use of public space for the benefit of all.

Another exciting piece of news is the arrival of both INDUCAR vehicles at AMB’s headquarters in July. Both vehicles and charging devices are now being tested by a small group of drivers, marking a significant step in our project’s journey toward sustainable mobility.

What about INSOC? ENEL-X way presented the final design of INSOC and is marketing the solution under the market name WayPark Micro. The production is ongoing without any technical issues.

On 20 June 2023, partners from the city of Turku (Finland) organised the grand opening of USER-CHI bike garage, that will host INSOC solution.


Starting this September, EV drivers in Rome, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Berlin, Turku, and Budapest will have the opportunity to test INCAR in their respective cities, with each location exploring unique use cases to evaluate INCAR’s functionalities in various scenarios.

Another exciting development is the progress of our decision support tool, CLICK. Following the successful completion of its initial testing phase, CLICK 0.5 has been released with enhanced features and is now available for trial users. Our dedicated team at VMZ is actively collaborating with sister projects to compare the functionalities of various decision support tools.

INSOC will be installed in all demonstration sited during August and September 2023.

Meeting Across Europe

In 2023, the USER-CHI peer-learning program is thriving. We began the year by learning valuable lessons from Rome’s experience in setting up a charging infrastructure within an ancient city. In April, our journey took us to Turku, Finland’s oldest city, where we drew inspiration from their electromobility masterplan. These peer-learning visits allowed project cities, partners, and representatives from Braga, Hannover, Gothenburg, Ljubljana, and Bucharest to share experiences and discuss challenges.
USER-CHI also made its mark on the European stage, participating in prominent events such as the RTR Conference in February, the ITS European Congress and Eurocities Mobility Forum in May, as well as the EU Sustainable Energy Week and Urban Future Conference in June.

What’s Next?

The final peer-learning visit is scheduled for September 2023 in Budapest, where attendees will explore Hungary’s capital’s long-term mobility vision, ongoing initiatives, and the pivotal role USER-CHI plays in shaping these developments. In October, USER-CHI teams from ETRA and Eurocities are gearing up for Urban Mobility Days and the Global Mobility Call.

USER-CHI: Bridging Onsite and Online Knowledge Sharing

Beyond our onsite activities, USER-CHI is committed to fostering knowledge sharing online. Our podcast series on electromobility continues to gain traction, with the release of the 4th episode slated for September.

We also addressed the key topic of accessibility of charging infrastructure through a webinar last June.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for the upcoming technical webinars on inductive and smart charging as we continue to provide valuable insights and expertise in the field of electromobility.

In September, we’re all about progress, innovation, and collaboration. Join us on this exciting journey as USER-CHI leads the way in shaping the future of sustainable urban mobility.

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